Cross Sport Woman carries select swimwear and accessories

Cross Sport Woman carries swimming apparel and accessories from select brands.

Carve DesignsCarve Designs – We had a vision. We were two women surfers who were tired of squeezing our rears into boardshorts designed for juniors. Since then Carve Designs has evolved into an active apparel company offering a full range of technical water sports, apres surf, and lifestyle collections.


TYR™ has developed a loyal following and a reputation for quality across its wide range of merchandise. TYR competition swimwear and triathlon gear are well-trusted in their respective industries. The company is also known for its goggles, swim apparel, wetsuits and a wide variety of swimming equipment.

blueseventyThe advanced hydrophobic materials found in blueseventy’s open water competition swim skins have now found their way into pool suits as well, allowing swimmers of all types to experience the competitive advantage of blueseventy’s suits. By relentlessly concentrating on producing such specialized, high-performance products, the blueseventy brand is now the highest selling wetsuit brand in the USA.


Custom Fit for Your Unique Feet

The benefits of our orthopedic shape are personalized for your unique foot. The arch height adjusts to your required level, but does not flatten out. The forefoot takes the shape of the balls of your feet and toes, and the aligning heel cup supports your unique heel shape. The Sport Flip molds to your feet after 3 days!


OluKai Footwear
Our design standards are simple: every product we make must offer style, durability, and comfort from heel to toe. These standards hold true from the first sketch to the final product. Every element is considered, from the selection of quality materials to the use of true-fitting lasts and anatomical footbeds. The reason OluKai footwear feels better is because it’s designed better.