About Us

Finding the unique athlete within ourselves is a worthy pursuit. At Cross Sport Woman, we look to not only inspire women who are unsure about where to begin, but also the seasoned athlete.

With our focus on cross-training women, we provide products that offer the best in durability and function for the sports being pursued. Knowledgeable in cross-training activities, we offer ourselves as a “resource” to our customers for questions regarding running, bike/spin, yoga/pilates, strength-training and swimming.

Special female needs, such as sport bras and maternity will be approached in a comfortable manner by our female staff, with special attention given to fit and comfort for all our products.

Owned and operated by an avid marathoner, cyclist, pilates advocate and mom, Cross Sport Woman is a convergence of all the things we’ve learned over the years: with the result of bringing you the best of what’s out there. It is our small way of contributing to help others achieve.

Bettina Sementilli

Bettina Sementilli NY Marathon

2010 Brightroom Photography

Bettina brings her passion and knowledge of cross-training to this unique store. An avid runner, cyclist and pilates advocate, Bettina has competed for nine years in four NYC marathons, countless half-marathons and 10Ks and other distances in between.

As a former Design Director for Polo Ralph Lauren, her sense of style, design and taste level combined with her love of sport is the basis for the highly selective choice of apparel and accessories offered.

As an artist and teacher, she enjoyed bringing her knowledge and love for her passion to others. Whether it’s a child first learning how to draw or an adult taking their first steps toward a healthier life, her motivation is to inspire others to enjoy life to the best of their abilities.

When she’s not out running or running the store, Bettina can be found gardening, painting and cooking.